• Social Security Card

You must provide Driver's License or State issued ID for all household members age 18 or older.

  • Current Driver's License

You must provide Social Security Cards or other approved verification (ie: food stamp budget sheet, Medicare card or Income Tax Return) for all household members.

  • Proof of Income

  1. Last 4 consecutive check stubs

  2. Current year's award letter for pensions, Social Security or VA Benefits (federal benefits may also be verified using most recent bank statement.

  3. Proof of Child Support or other support including contributions.

  • Utility Bill

  1. Utility bills may not exceed prior to six months

  2. Must include a portion of the bill that shows usage

  3. Utility Account cannot show a credit balance.

  4. If you are seeking assistance for more than one utility vendor (ie: electricity, gas and /or propane), both bills must be from the same month.

  • Proof of Housing Utility Allowance

  • Proof of Residency

  1. This is required if the address on your driver's license or State issued ID does not match the address that is listed on your utility bill.

  2. Acceptable documentation includes pay stubs, award letters, budget sheet, rental/lease agreements, mortgage statement, phone bill, cable bill, rent receipt, proof of insurance or other current mail. Please note: Any documentation used must be dated within the last 30 days.

If you reside in a Housing Authority funded property, you must provide a copy of your utility allowance worksheet residency. (LiHEAP ONLY)